Monday, January 12, 2015

scrap the school boards? how about we privatize education instead

In 2003 a report by Queen’s University professor T.R. Williams advocated for the dissolution of the school board system in favour of individual schools having their own governing body. Given the grossly inflated salaries of some trustees (such as Donna Quan, of the Toronto District School Board who makes a handsome $289,000 per annum) and the general bureaucratic ineptness of these institutions certainly we must entertain this suggestion. But what if there was a better solution yet?

Instead of attempting to reform the public school system, why not abolish it entirely? Instead of having education provided by the state and compulsory for all, it could be voluntary and supplied by the market. That way, instead of forcing every school in the province to follow the same curriculum and teach in the same manner we could have a flourishing of choice and competition between educators. Parents who wish to send their child to private school (or educate them at home or pay for private tutoring) would no longer before forced to first pay for the public system. Children who receive no benefit from education would no longer be forced to waste their time undergoing the charade of sitting in a classroom simply because it pleases those who wish to believe that we are all absolutely equally or if we are not that we should be made to be.

Public schools are notoriously wasteful. Salaries are exorbitant and incompetent employees are impossible to fire. The students learn little and the entire process of sitting obediently while listening to a bored bureaucrat prattle on is destructive to both the mind and the body. Many expensive boondoggles have been undertaken in the name of public education. If schools had to compete for students on the basis of price as well as quality you would see radically better results both in terms of how efficiently the task is done and also the caliber of education received. 

Instead of scrapping simply the school boards, let's scrap the system whole cloth and privatize it all.

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