Saturday, August 29, 2015

the cleansing of pro palestinian sentiment in the NDP

There is not much to recommend the New Democratic Party.  On economic policy they are dismal. When it comes to advancing the anti-human, anti-prosperity environmentalist agenda, they are second to none.  Their agenda of tax hikes and spending increases demonstrates a level of stupidity which Canada's other major political parties has never quite managed to meet. Even on foreign policy they are far too protectionist and to needlessly eager to involve Canadian soldiers in peace keeping missions.  But at least, AT LEAST!, on the issue of Palestine they had some sense. Alas, under the leadership of Mulcair, this last vestige of opposition to the war party's agenda in the middle east has been swept away.

From Clyde River, to Halifax, from Edmonton to Calgary, the party leadership is cleansing it's slate of any who dared to speak against the Israeli conquest and occupation of Palestine.  This slap in the face to party loyalists is a clear signal that Mulcair as Prime Minister would pose no threat to the military industrial complex or the policy of western imperialism. It's not surprising that the opportunist Mulcair, leading in the polls would and no doubt salivating at the prospect of becoming the next Canadian head of state, would join Trudeau and Harper in kowtowing to Israel; politicians will do or say anything if they think it will help them gain power.

Libertarians in Canada have long since recognized that the differences between establishment political parties are very superficial.  Perhaps it's appropriate that the NDP join the ranks of Canadian Israeli apologists.  There is a broad social democratic consensus on the part of all "right thinking indivduals" on the importance of social spending, dirigism, environmentalism and the silencing of free speech in the name of human rights. Why not extend this hegemonic viewpoint to imperialism and support for Israel? For that matter, why even bother having different political parties at all, if they are all going to advocate for the same policies and ideas?  Why not just merge the NDP, Liberals, Greens and Conservatives into one grand party of social democracy? At least that would be more honest than vigorously promoting the same ideas under different rhetoric to create the illusion of choice.

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