Friday, December 19, 2014

frack you Gallant

The Province of New Brunswick, caving to First Nation and radical left wing environmentalist groups, is introducing a moratorium on fracking following in the footsteps of New York and Vermont.  While luddites of all stripes have been protesting this new technology and hysteria concerning it is at an all time high, fracking is quickly emerging as a safe and effective means of meeting the world's energy needs. Beyond this temporary ban on the method of natural gas extraction Brian Gallant, Premier of New Brunswick, is also looking to get his grubby little hands on a piece of the pie, and is vowing to tax the process by putting in place a royalty structure. Whatever pleasure the radical left may derive from once again sabotaging the machinery of industry in this nation this move is a slap in the face of the businessmen who have already begun exploration for natural gas and a blow to the already moribund Eastern economy.  Is it any wonder that unemployment in this area is at a whopping 9.3%?

This is just the latest of showdowns between free enterprise and the anti-energy left.  The fundamental premise of the environmentalist movement is that nature is a pristine state and any effort by man to alleviate scarcity through transforming nature to better serve the needs of humanity is perverse and must be opposed.  They are not simply against oil or gas but rather against energy whole cloth; they are opposed to the progress and prosperity of the human race.  Well too bad!  We need the natural gas and the high paying jobs created by the search for and exploitation thereof.  The only bright side here is that the unmitigated greed of the state will no doubt allow for the taming of this resource once Gallant's office are assured they receive their tribute.

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