Thursday, December 4, 2014

gay straight alliances

The opinion molding class is up in arms again over the issue of gay-straight alliances in Albertan public schools.  From the outrage expressed in media outlets and by pandering politicians let there be no doubt that the social democratic mob is just as firmly in power here in the West as they are in the rest of Canada.  Well let me be the first to say it - there is no such thing as gay rights.  There is no such thing as women's rights, gay rights, straight rights, night person rights or any other such nonsense.  Even human rights are a concoction designed not to protect individuals but to exploit them.  A right to health care, for example, means the right to force someone else to pay for your health care.  The only rights that truly exist are property rights.  You don't have a right to free speech but you do have a right to use your property, including your body, in any manner you please including speaking out on topics that concern you.  Gay people as individuals have rights not because of their sexual orientation but because they are sentient beings capable of understanding the world in which they exist.

Back to the issue of gay-straight alliances in public schools.  Opinions on how these institutions should be ran are irrelevant.  The while thing is a criminal enterprise.  An elaborate racket.  Schools are funded through taxation, which is revenue the state obtains through coercion.  Since it is malum in se and should be malum prohibitum as well to run an extortion racket, even if you are the organization known as the state, then it becomes mere sophistry to discuss the details of how such a racket should be ran.  One does not pontificate on the finer points of executing a home invasion but instead one condemns the enterprise and seeks to punish the perpetrators of it.  What we should do instead is smash the public education racket, auction off all the publicly owned schools and allow the market and individuals to educate their children.  This would be a far more ethical way of educating youngsters and the quality of their tutelage would be incomparably better.  Plus all those bureaucrats at the school boards would no longer receive their undeserved bloated salaries and be forced to go forth into the world to find real work serving consumers (though what marketable skills they've acquired sitting on their fat asses is certainly beyond this impartial observer).

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