Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Cancer Ward

People have been rightly rankled by the Prentice governments decision to cancel and / or delay Calgary's proposed cancer center; perhaps if Redford hadn't been wasting all the taxpayer monies on her high flying, sky palace ways there would still be enough in the coffers for this project.  This would never be a problem in a laissez-faire economy.  When you have a market based society the decision as to where resources should be allocated is based on consumer demand.  Unfortunately too much of our money is in the hands of the state, where the consumption decision of bureaucrats, not the needs of the people who created the wealth in the first place, rule the day.

Prentice wasn't in office for more than a few minutes before he proposed crippling the Albertan economy with a progressive income tax.  The reason why this part of the country is so rich is because we're economically free, dummy, and the first thing you want to do in office is destroy that!  We don't need higher taxes and we don't need to copy the beggar provinces out East.  Alberta should play to it's strengths.  Instead of raising taxes, you should lower them.  To find the money for this project try cutting your own bloated salary and the wages of the rest of the bureaucrats in your employ. Privatize! Reduce the size of the state!  Auction off land held by the Province of Alberta.  But alas, Prentice is just a carbon copy of all the other social democratic clowns in this country, and if he is given sufficient free reign then Alberta's heyday of economic prowess will be only a memory.

The real solution is the separation of state and economy.  Instead of quibbling over which technocrat is best suited to run the machinery of the modern state, let's engage in a massive descaling of the role of government in our society.  Let's return to laissez-faire, to free market capitalism, let's privatize health care and let consumers, through the price system and the actions of profit seeking entrepreneurs make the decisions about what is going on in our society.

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