Thursday, December 4, 2014

From my cold dead hands, Mulcair

The gun grabbing elites are at it again.  The latest call for registration - just one more incremental step towards the eventual goal of total confiscation - comes from the NDP leader Tommy Mulcair (never one to let the memory of a good tragedy go to waste) on the anniversary of the Ecole Polytechnique massacre.  Can Quebec finally separate, please, and take all the pro gun control socialists they love so much with them to form their own people's republic, replete with snow and maple syrup?

Whatever traction gun control may have in the major urban voting blocks of Ontario and Quebec, it's bad policy.  It's cruel to leave law abiding citizens at the mercy of thugs.  While the milquetoasts of Toronto and Montreal may prefer to cower in fear and wait for the police to arrive in the event of a home invasion there are some of us in this world who would rather defend ourselves or our families - with lethal force, if necessary - if we are attacked.  There is still a certain frontier spirit in this country which has not been crushed by the social conditioning of compulsory education.  There are still some among us that recognize we live in what can be a cruel and inhospitable world against which we must wrangle our very existence.

There are many reasons to own guns.  Hunting is a fun and exciting sport; as is target practice.  Being able to defend yourself against an aggressor is a critical element of a free society.  Your rights only exist to the degree which you can enforce them.  And what if Mulcair and the rest of the commies in the body politic get their way and we do see the nationalization of heavy industry and the establishment of total state domination over society?  Interventionism is unstable.  Society must either progress towards capitalism or devolve towards state control.  Collectivism inevitably breeds tyranny.  And how are we expected to overthrow our tyrannical overlords without weapons?  Which I suppose is kind of his point.  Or how can we fight off the ominous Russian invasion (ha!) the media has been alluding to as of late.  Of course the cold war currently being pimped by the political elite is fictitious (as are most of the crises which leave us clamorous for the salvation of our political masters) but what if Canada were to be invaded by a foreign conqueror?  Shouldn't we all be armed to the teeth to defend our home and native land?

Efforts to regulate, register or seize weapons must be resisted by the Canadian public and not in any lackluster manner either.  Give the police or politicians an inch and they will take a mile.  Instead of a simple reactionary outcry against the latest incremental measure we need concerted, dedicated effort to repeal present gun control legislation and to secure once and for all the right of our countrymen to keep and bear arms.

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